Here is what our start-ups have to say about the DRIVEN Accelerator Program:

“I came with an open mind and no set expectations. Driven was very useful for me and the team. Stopping quicker and pivoting faster is progress”

“We felt all members of the executive team were extremely helpful and readily available to answer any questions we had”. 

“I called every mentor on the list and talked to most of them at least once, twice with many and established an ongoing relationship.”

“Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect from the program when we started. After finishing the program and seeing how much we evolved as a team and how much our product evolved and improved, we can certainly say that the program met our expectations.”

“We were expecting to learn the basics of what a startup such as ourselves should concern ourselves with from a business standpoint, and the Driven program met our expectations in a big way from this perspective.”