What We Offer

We developed a program that incorporates all the necessary aspects of  launching and maintaining a successful digital business: everything from customer development to pitch strategy. Currently, we are revamping our core classes to better serve the needs of our start-ups. In the coming weeks, you will be able to download our Program Schedule to see how we plan to invest in your company. 

As a participant of DRIVEN, you are expected to achieve certain milestones, and graduate with a lean start-up ready to conquer the world. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get there. Each term we hand pick 5 start-ups based on our selection criteria.

We offer:

  • Weekly Workshops: facilitated by our rockstar mentors that teach you how to build a scalable business model, attract and maintain customers, and generate revenue for your start-up.
  • Mentorship: receive one-on-one time and guidance from the most influential entrepreneurs in Toronto
  • Driven By Success: our private dinner series engages start-ups, with influential founders in the tech community
  • In-house Beta Testing: we’ve invited the best software developers to provide feedback on your MVP, connect you to early stage adopters, and guide your product toward the launch phase
  • Free Co-Working Space: our partnership with CSI-Annex provides access to a number of amenities, plus networking with other liked minded tech and social entrepreneurs
  • Consumer Demo Day: each start-up will pitch, and gain valuable insight from real customers in an interactive setting

In addition we provide:

  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Access to Driven Alumni database
  • Monthly Networking functions open to the start-up community
  • Guest speakers
  • And the perks! Our partners provide discounted or free services that help move your business forward.

Amazing isn’t it? Apply here